Sept. 18, 2023

Even when we are not building, we are developing in full force

When we speak with Robin Wagner (project director Van der Vorm Vastgoed), he is very clear: "Times are currently a bit less favorable for project developments to be balanced financially. Realization costs are still high. And there also seems to be a flattening of revenues. In addition, there is a lot of uncertainty around regulations and thus future value development, which is essential for an investor's "investment appetite." It's no different. But we are certainly not sitting still, we are mostly preparing a lot now. So we are talking a lot with municipalities, doing preliminary studies, working on zoning procedures with associated participation processes." Robin is involved in many Dutch Van der Vorm Vastgoed developments, so he has a good overview. "For each project we also look at what additional steps can be taken in terms of our ESG goals. We look at sustainability, social qualities or adding other and additional living enjoyment." About new developments, he is adamant: "The objective is to prepare everything 'pan'-ready. Because there comes a time when light at the end of the tunnel becomes visible again. And then we can move quickly with new projects."

Van der Vorm's existing assets are proving to be a great foundation for new opportunities. "Because of the unique positions the we have, we are able to make smart connections. For example, adding housing to our shopping centers cuts both ways. On the one hand we can make the shopping centers in question more compact and the catchment area becomes more interesting for the entrepreneurs in the center, and on the other hand we add more housing to the area. By bringing the living environment to a higher level and adding social elements, it also becomes more attractive to be there. And that, of course, also increases the length of stay."

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