Jan. 30, 2024

Van der Vorm Investment Fund makes another big move in Warsaw

Van der Vorm Investment Fund recently completed a significant expansion of its portfolio in the Polish real estate market by acquiring 119 turnkey apartments in the vibrant Praga Południe district, Warsaw. This investment highlights the Fund's ambition to be a leader in the commercial residential rental sector (PRS) in Poland. Aimed at a young, dynamic target group.

This recent purchase in Warsaw, acquiring an entire building that will be ready for lease within months, is the fifth in a series of successful transactions between Hamilton May and Van der Vorm, and the third in Warsaw.

The transaction was skillfully mediated by Ilona Stanik and Sebastian Materko of Hamilton May Realty Company. Legal oversight was provided by the experts at KWKR Konieczny Wierzbicki and Partners lawyers, with Marcin Wierzbicki and Łukasz Łanoszka leading the way.

Margarethe van der Vorm (Director International Investments), comments, "The Polish market offers unique opportunities for us to use our expertise and introduce an attractive residential concept for an ambitious target group. Our complexes are strategically located near the city center, universities and important transport hubs. They are designed with comfort, sustainability and convenience in mind. The apartments are rented out fully furnished."

René Voortmeijer (CCO), added: "Our focus is on investing in locations that retain their value, both now and in the future. The Polish market offers plenty of opportunities and we are determined to further expand our leading position in the commercial residential rental market. Offering more in terms of quality of life, sustainability, environment and service is the goal."