More room for quality

More room for quality

Van der Vorm Vastgoed is a modern family business with bright ambitions for the future. We own an international portfolio in top European cities containing residential complexes and commercial real estate, including a number of beautiful hotels. This gives us a broad understanding of trends, wishes and justified demands of tenants on our continent. Every day we work to improve our own properties, our investments and our qualities. We continue to look for new acquisitions for our portfolio. Nationally and internationally.


The universal Environmental, Social and corporate Governance goals (ESG) deserve full attention in our profession and in our ownership. Financial and social returns should be balanced. A 100% sustainable property portfolio is therefore an important goal for the future. We are committed to a clean and safe living environment for our tenants. We see opportunities with regard to contributing to the enrichment of our tenants' social lives. Increasingly, we are adding shared living rooms, workspaces, sports facilities and vegetable gardens to our complexes. And we are working on digital solutions that allow us to strengthen the bond with our tenants. There is always room for quality.

Operating in 5 countries

1500 homes

4 offices

10 shopping centers

6 projects

4 hotels

32 employees

Our team

Alexandre Bello

Investment Manager

Alexander Volk

Employee Treasury

Anja van der Sluijs

Management assistant

Brian Martens

Project Manager | Manager International Investments

Dennis Angle

Portfolio Manager Retail & Hotels

Qualities from our past

We like to look ahead and around us. As Van der Vorm Vastgoed, we have a solid foundation. We stand amidst an entrepreneurial world, in an entrepreneurial family.

The basics

A solid foundation was laid in Rotterdam over 100 years ago. With the start of a construction company, Van der Vorm became an important, respected name. Today there are a number of companies that are connected to this start, but are otherwise completely independent. We are Van der Vorm Vastgoedgroep: an investor in and developer of quality real estate in the Netherlands and major cities in Europe. With Margarethe van der Vorm as director of international relations and co-owner, it really is a family business.

Good rental property

It is with great pleasure that we are providers of rental housing. We take good care of our residents and of our real estate. In our vision, there is also plenty of room for quality. The rental of our properties is completely handled by our rental partners, mostly a local real estate agent.

The agreements with all our cooperation partners are crystal clear; they too must follow our vision and therefore also live up to it in practice. So everyone can expect high quality in the rental and maintenance of our homes. And of course these parties must also abide by our and legal rules. The legal rules can be found on the site of the national government.

No matter how much we try to arrange, fix and/or prevent everything from our side: if someone somewhere doubts the proper implementation of our vision, we would like to know. Then we can clarify or resolve it. In that case, please contact: Van der Vorm Vastgoed:, T: (010) 209 27 24.