Feb. 28, 2024

Cristofori completely renovated and rented!

Since 2015, the monumental Cristofori building, located on the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam, has been owned by Van der Vorm Vastgoed. This property, which has a rich history of cultural and artistic gatherings, bears the name of the former piano dealership Cristofori, which was housed here from 1985. The building still houses unique details that recall this special period, such as some doors shaped like the characteristic Bösendorf grand pianos and a spacious elevator that could move the nearly three-meter-long concert pianos through the building.

The office floors are leased to Fuga and Human Rights Watch. The top floor is occupied by M Moser, an international design firm with offices in Amsterdam, Paris and London. Recently, the last 254 m2 on the first floor was also leased to When Nature Calls, which will open a wellbeing center here. This center will offer consulting therapy, redlight therapy, an ice bath and breath coaching, among other services. In addition, the office and marketing and communications department of When Nature Calls will also move into Cristofori, where podcasts, among other things, will be recorded.

Over the years, all public areas and almost all floors of Cristofori have been thoroughly renovated and restored. The foundation has also been completely repaired, the roof insulated and several heat pumps installed, so the building now has energy label A. The insulation of the facade is scheduled for the coming year, after which the energy label will be even A++.