Jan. 24, 2024

Satisfied tenants

In the dynamic world of real estate investment, creating value for all stakeholders is the key to success. We focus not only on achieving good returns, but also on creating modern and attractive living, working and retail environments. Our international high-end residential portfolio in Europe's top cities provides us with valuable insights into today's trends and needs.

But how do we measure whether our tenants are truly satisfied? The view on this varies from country to country. Tim Aalders, portfolio manager of the Dutch housing portfolio, emphasizes the importance of personal interaction: "In addition to the annual tenant survey, we focus mainly on direct communication. We ensure that the threshold to contact tenants is as low as possible. Our complex managers also literally go door-to-door for a chat. This is how we stay informed about the wishes and needs of our tenants."

In Poland, the situation is very different again. There we only work with temporary contracts and there is much less of a tight housing market as we have in the Netherlands.

Margarethe van der Vorm, director of International Investments, explains, "With our own community managers and a loyalty program, we create a social, dynamic living environment. Our approach there is reflected in the high renewal rates of leases, indicating strong tenant satisfaction. Our La Praga project in Warsaw is a striking example. After the first lease year, 90% of tenants chose to renew the contract, a rate well above the average benchmark of 25%. This confirms that our efforts to create attractive and sustainable living environments are appreciated. And that is incredibly important: satisfied tenants who feel at home in the places we develop with passion and dedication."

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