June 26, 2023

Our retail as a quality of the neighbourhood

Our retail portfolio focuses on neighborhood shopping centers where Van der Vorm Vastgoed always owns the entire center. Only then can we really act to realize our vision of shopping, space and quality: our shopping centers as the social heart of the neighborhood.

Where all functions important to the area can be found. A focus on daily shopping and fresh produce, complemented by appropriate catering, hairdressing, convenience and repair stores. Besides tightening branching, or expanding additional functions to encourage longer and more enjoyable stays, there will always be room for other improvements, such as sustainability, appearance or adding other functions.

The social heart of our neighborhood shopping centers invites local residents to meet and stay. Instead, we work to create an optimal mix of atmospheric meeting, staying, convenience, services and shopping. With special attention to the presence of greenery, music, play and meeting places.

Curious about our vision for neighborhood shopping centers? Get in touch with us.

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