Aug. 14, 2023

The new reality requires thinking in terms of possibilities

The market is locked. We don't hear otherwise. How to proceed now? We ask Tim Aalders, responsible for Van der Vorm Vastgoed's residential portfolio.

"It is becoming increasingly difficult to develop and start financially sound projects. Yet the confluence of (tax) measures on laws and regulations makes it difficult but not impossible to get new projects off the ground. No builder, financier, investor or developer can solve this individually, but together we can and must start making a difference. By showing entrepreneurship and staying in dialogue with each other, we will search for a new market balance. In which we take responsibility by collectively giving something in the short term, so that we keep moving and can continue.

Thinking in possibilities, seeing how things can be done. That's what we need to do. For example, the requirement to include a serious contingent of lower-priced rental housing within new developments is a complicated challenge. So we need to work on that, also because we believe we need to create opportunities for first-time buyers within the housing market. We do see opportunities to meet that requirement, but we take a slightly different approach.

For example, we deliberately choose to rent several properties below commercial market value. For these affordable rental properties, we enter into a kind of "growth contracts. In this way, we offer housing opportunities to starters with lower salaries. After two years, the residents grow to a realistic rent, based on the market rent. We consult with the residents about this and make them an offer that suits them at that time. This way we give starters in the housing market a fair chance. We see that it works!"