Sept. 21, 2023

Beautify, preserve and add housing?

In recent years we have added many homes to the De Hoven shopping center in Delft. And we still see development opportunities there with which we can really add something to the area and create more housing.

Pim Liebregts (project manager at Van der Vorm Vastgoed) says: "At the moment we are already quite far along with the preparations for an additional residential block on Troelstralaan. With this we are beautifying this side of our shopping center. In addition, we are giving the plinth a high-quality appearance by adding a new retail space here. Above that we are building a parking garage and five more residential floors.

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Adding "something extra" is central to this. That it is more than just a building. Thinking especially about sustainability and the social aspects which are important pillars of the ESG-idea. We investigate all possibilities around smart use of materials, fast construction time, circular building, energy savings and the possibility of "meeting". The building will have a green roof with various grasses and herbs, a water storage system and solar panels. This combination ensures sufficient cooling for energy generation, but also provides cast shadow, creating an ideal habitat for insects and birds. Furthermore, we collect rainwater and store it for dry periods, thus relieving the burden on the sewer system.

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"In De Hoven there are huge opportunities in terms of sustainability. It would be fantastic if we could manage to link all energy needs together. When we can store residual heat from supermarket refrigeration and the generation of heat from incident sunlight in the passageway, for example, to heat apartments in winter, then we will be making real strides. Especially when summer cooling is involved. That is why we want to get started in Delft with one or more WKO installations. In this way we can make stores and homes in the city center more sustainable.