July 11, 2023

Valuable efficiency

Value efficiency without vacancy. For high-yielding properties, rental income is obviously key. But the costs of vacancy are often underestimatedFor high-yielding properties, rental income is of course key. But the costs of vacancy are often underestimated. 'We certainly don't underestimate that,' says Tim Aalders, responsible for Van der Vorm Vastgoed's residential portfolios. 'By optimizing our leasing and mutation process, we have achieved an occupancy rate of over 99% for over six years.

We agree on a joint SLA with our local partner brokers, which makes the working method with associated KPIs, remuneration and the rental share within our housing portfolio clear to everyone. This is a dynamic and joint process in which we closely monitor market movements and look for the best match between the most optimal rent and the right tenant. In addition, new tenants always view the properties in rental condition, so that the property can be re-rented immediately. All this requires tight planning. Also for the other chain partners of suppliers and managers.

And that 1% vacancy rate? That always relates to renovation; where possible, of course, we also continue to improve quality and make it more sustainable.