November 6, 2023

Nature-inclusive development

Nature-inclusive development is an important issue and where we can, we pick up the (beekeeper) gauntlet. As also included in our ESG goals.

New projects we try as much as possible to provide good native planting and we make bird boxes in which the house sparrow feels at home. But there are also bee hives on the roofs of our shopping centers De Hoven, De Kopermolen and De Korf.

At shopping center De Korf , we collaborate with Beekeepers De Nesse in this regard. During the summer months, their hives are on the roof of the mall. This delicious honey is now for sale in the mall and the nice thing is that the proceeds are donated to the Friends of Sophia Foundation for the Sophia Children's Hospital in Rotterdam. We love inspiring initiatives like this! This is how we make a difference together.

There are as many as 360 different species of bees in the Netherlands. More than half are endangered, even though they provide pollination for 80% of our edible crops and nearly 90% of our wild plants. So without their pollination services, there are no seeds and fruits to feed the world. In other words, without bees, no life is possible on earth. Therefore, it is important to help bees survive.

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