April 20, 2023

A nice green step for Verto Arnhem

Last week we placed a wind turbine on the roof of our Verto apartment complex in Arnhem. With this wind turbine we are making an important visible step towards an even more sustainable Verto.

Installing this wind turbine will literally bring out the flowers! This innovative wind turbine has the unique shape of a tulip, is golden and bird-friendly. The unique tulip shape causes no noise pollution. The power generated will be used for the benefit of the electrical installation of the public areas. A longer mast was developed for Verto, which will be placed on top of the roof of the elevator machine room. There the turbine will catch more wind and be visible from the street. A true eye-catcher!

Another nice green step

The Verto complex was transformed in 2020. The renovation used sustainable materials and the building was insulated to a high standard. There is also a large number of solar panels on the roof. By installing this new wind turbine, we are further reducing the ecological footprint and making Verto one more step more sustainable.

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