October 2022

Signing 'Letter of Intent' shopping center De Hoven

Van der Vorm Vastgoed wants to work with the Municipality of Delft with great ambition to make De Hoven future-proof in Delft. Today, Van der Vorm and the Municipality of Delft signed the corresponding letter of intent.

It is our joint ambition to give the shopping center, the residential buildings and the adjacent outdoor space a nice boost. An ambition document describes the starting points for this modern, functional heart of Delft-West. An important starting point is to improve and future-proof the shopping area and respectfully add housing. With attention to climate adaptation, nature inclusiveness and the green connections in this part of Delft.

Martina Huijsmans (Alderman for Finance, Spatial Planning and Mobility) says: "Delft is a city of scarce space and smart solutions. This is also reflected in our ambitions for De Hoven. By making smart use of existing space as well as new opportunities, we enhance the livability of the area. And we strengthen De Hoven in many areas towards a future-proof and versatile area."

Robin Wagner (Project Director Van der Vorm Vastgoed) says: "When we add housing and retail to the center, we realize a place for new residents and entrepreneurs, and added value for the municipality of Delft and the shopping center. Further improvement of the shopping area in combination with the redevelopment of the surrounding public space must ensure that the shopping center becomes the place where soon all (new) residents will want to continue to go. Today an important step has been taken towards the further and concrete elaboration of those plans".

With much love and attention, Van der Vorm Vastgoed has built De Hoven in Delft in recent years. The Martinus Nijhofflaan has been transformed in recent years and new residential complexes have been built. The De Hoven shopping center itself has also been improved and changed in various places and has further strengthened its position in the Delft shopping landscape. In the immediate vicinity of De Hoven , there are plans for the development of new housing and retail, among other things. This creates new challenges and opportunities for the future of the shopping center.

Shopping center De Hoven, is an indoor shopping center in the city of Delft and is located at the fulcrum of the urban boulevard land the Papsouwselaan and the Martinus Nijhofflaan. Because of its complete range of products, De Hoven has a neighborhood function with an emphasis on the surrounding neighborhoods as well as an urban-care function for the whole of Delft. De Hoven houses about 75 stores and attracts about 5.4 million visitors annually De Hoven has all the potential to further develop its current starting position and become even more complementary to the city center and other neighborhood centers of Delft. Improvements to the exterior of the area, with more greenery, residential space, opportunities for meetings and open facades are important.