The Van der Vorm Vastgoed team visited it most recently acquired real estate in Poland. In Krakow, Poland's second city with a rich history, knowledge has been gathered about the Polish market. The residential real estate market in Krakow is one of the European leaders in value growth and offers opportunities for Van der Vorm as an investor.

The history of Van der Vorm in real estate goes back 100 years. Because of this anniversary, we travelled to Krakow with the entire team to see for ourselves and feel how this market works.

The future of Van der Vorm Real Estate lies not only in the Netherlands, but also outside our borders with projects in Belgium, England, France and since last year also in Poland.

We have now acquired 99 apartments in 6 complexes spread over Warsaw and Krakow. The conclusion of the Van der Vorm team is that the rental property sector in Krakow offers an interesting value potential in a growth market that will be economically and politically stabilized, supported by European cooperation.