A hundred years of history is quite a bit and a lot has happened in that time. Did you know, for example, that Van der Vorm had a large share in post-war housing? Van der Vorm was founded in 1919 by the Van der Vorm family, originally a construction company.

Van der Vorm played a major role in the development of the Crabbehof district in Dordrecht in the 1960s. Van der Vorm built the shopping center and many homes with a gas pump in this district. Van der Vorm Vastgoed had invested in the shopping center with a size of 8,500 m2 and around 200 apartments for many years.

With the delivery of the first of 86 single-family homes in the Sterrenburg (Dordrecht) project, Van der Vorm delivered the 500,000th building of all homes built after the war on January 23, 1973. The then minister Udink handed over the key to these homes to the new residents under ample interest. To illustrate the extent of the reconstruction after the Second World War: when the 500,000th post-war house was delivered, the entire housing stock of (the closest built-up) province of South Holland consisted of 1 million homes.

In the meantime Van der Vorm Vastgoed has grown into a private real estate company based in Rotterdam with an (inter) national real estate portfolio consisting of houses, shops, offices, hotels and parking garages. Van der Vorm also develops Real Estate for its own portfolio. Van der Vorm Vastgoed invests in real estate in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, England and Poland.