This year we are celebrating our 100th anniversary and now and again we look back on our long history. A history with the port city of Rotterdam, our city, as the main stage. We have been investing in real estate for many years. We once started in a monumental building on the Heemraadsingel in Rotterdam. After the split of the construction and investment company, Van der Vorm Vastgoed remained established in Rotterdam.

In 1967 it was decided to redevelop the location on Van Vollenhovenstraat, owned by Van der Vorm. The St. Ignatius church that stood at this location was demolished and an office building was built. The building, located in the Scheepvaartkwartier in Rotterdam, proved difficult to rent out at the time, so it was decided to move to Van Vollenhovenstraat itself. That was a major step from a monumental building to a - for the standards of then - modern office garden.

After having been the owner of the building for a long time, it was decided to sell the building to AZL Real Estate Offices in 2002. Van der Vorm Vastgoed remained in the building, but was no longer the owner. The office subsequently had several owners, after which it was decided in 2016 to transform the building into homes. That meant that Van der Vorm Vastgoed had to take the next step in housing. Where it was clear: if a real Rotterdam company was searched for a nice appealing location in the center of Rotterdam. The move to the current Blaak 555 building took place in September 2017. Van der Vorm Vastgoed is located there on the 16th floor and thus has a beautiful view of the city where the history Van der Vorm Vastgoed once started.

“ Rotterdam is niet te filmen,

de beelden wisselen te snel,

Rotterdam heeft geen verleden,

en geen enkele trapgevel”

Jules Deelder