Feb. 2, 2023

Van der Vorm Living and two new websites

More room for quality, that is what we stand for. That is the goal to which we, as engaged proprietors and investors, commit ourselves every day. In a number of important European cities, we are already living up to our promise. We work hard to improve the quality of our property and our services. Besides the ongoing quest for good returns, we also focus on excellence in residential and retail environments.

We stand for quality, excellence, and convenience in renting property.
For this reason, it is with great pleasure and pride that we announce the introduction of our home quality brand: Van der Vorm Living.

Our new website www.vormliving.com makes us more accessible for our tenants and makes it easier to find a home that meets your needs. The website furthermore includes all of the relevant communication channels – also for our tenants. This brand-new website displays our full range of rental properties. This is a beautiful first step – soon to be followed by a new digital platform for home service, home maintenance, and for tenants to get in touch, also and especially with each other.

Our new home quality brand has also given us lots of inspiration for yet another new website for vormvastgoed.com. Likewise, this website will create more room for quality, particularly the quality of our service.

There is always room for more quality. Be sure to follow us on LinkedIn for the latest updates! 

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