Oct. 5, 2023

Van der Vorm Living keeps people together through quality

We speak with Margarethe van der Vorm about the beautiful home furnishing brand Van der Vorm Living.

"Our residential brand stands for a quality living experience within our complexes. Not only in terms of atmosphere, finishes and design, but we are especially concerned with creating a resident community.

We introduced Van der Vorm Living early this year and started on a small scale in our second home market Poland. The commercial rental market there is dynamic, rapidly developing and consists mainly of fully furnished 50 m2 apartments, which are primarily rented to single person households.

We found out that creating a fine living experience also means bringing people together, giving them a chance to get to know each other and do fun things together. This is where our community manager has an important role to play.
She organizes and undertakes all kinds of activities for and with residents. For example, there are not only language courses, city walks, yoga sessions, bbqs, canoe trips, but also target group specific activities such as introduction days for our student tenants.
Through the Van der Vorm membercard our tenants get discounts at gyms, restaurants and stores in the neighborhood.

Living is the basis, but we create a quality living environment for tenants who would like to live longer. In practice, we see that it works: there is widespread participation by tenants in the activities and the number of mutations is decreasing.

So we can definitely call the introduction of Van der Vorm Living successful. The enthusiasm of our tenants is contagious. Next time, we will roll out our residential label further within our European residential portfolio!"