Canal building Cristofori

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Rustic, historic canal house
Superb location on Prinsengracht
High level of finishing Preservation of original details


The Cristofori office building has two great features: it is a historic building and it is in a unique location. A beautiful monumental canal house with a magnificent former concert hall on the upper floors, right in the heart of Amsterdam. Two separate warehouses from the seventeenth century were merged into one building in 1901. This building has since been completely renovated and equipped with all modern conveniences, while largely preserving the historical details.


Cristofori is located at the foot of the Jordaan, in the Nine Streets area. Surrounded by many prominent businesses, the area also offers a wide selection of quirky hospitality and retail.


With retail space on the ground floor and five office floors above, the total leasable area contains approximately 2,293 m².


Currently the foundation is being renewed, changing the layout of the ground floor. This will create new office/retail space that is still available.

Prinsengracht 581-583, 1016 HT, Jordaan, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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