Hotel MR67 (Mayera Rapaporta Aparthotel)

Krakow, Poland
4-star hotel rooms
Near the old town
Restaurant and gym commercial space


In Krakow, near the Stare Miasto (Old Town) is the 4-star hotel MR6 (Mayera Rapaporta Aparthotel). MR6 is located on the border of the Old Town and the well-known Jewish quarter of Kazimierz.


The 4-star (boutique/apartment) hotel offers 46 luxurious rooms, with all facilities for a comfortable stay. There is also a restaurant and a gym. On the ground floor is a commercial space that will be rented out.

The Laris Hotel Group, with their extensive and local expertise, will take care of the operational affairs of the hotel.


The building is located on the border of the Old Town and well-known Kazimierz district. With public transportation, restaurants, numerous bars, parks, attractions (including Schindlers' factory and Wawel Castle) and the Vistula River within walking distance, this is a wonderful location in Krakow.

ul. Józefa Dietla 67, Krakow, Poland

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