Martini Hotel

Groningen, Nederland


One of the oldest hotel restaurants in Groningen was established in 1871 by a number of Groninger notables as W.E.E.V.A. (Woon- en Eethuis voor Allen, ‘Housing and Dining for All’), popularly known as the Groninger People’s Soup Kitchen. For many years, the restaurant has provided a part of the Groningen population with food and later housing, as well.

In the current situation, the complex consists of a 3 * hotel with 116 rooms, a hostel with 34 rooms for backpack tourists or groups and, after 140 years, the revived W.E.E.V.A. restaurant.

Van der Vorm Real Estate purchased the complex in December 2017. It’s located in the centre of Groningen about 300 meters from the Martini Tower and the main shopping streets and the Groninger Museum.

In the coming years, the complex will be renovated and expanded with approximately 40 hotel rooms/apartments in co-operation with Dahold Holding B.V., the current operating company,

  • 116
  • Since
  • 7.500
Gedempte Zuiderdiep 8, 9711 HG, Centrum, Groningen, Nederland

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