May 16, 2023

"Energy rates are not in your control, your consumption is."

"You can't control the energy rates, you can control your consumption," said our tenant Jan Mourik of butcher shop Mourik in Shopping Center De Korf. "My energy consumption has dropped by about a third."

We recently made the shopping center more sustainable. Tenant Jan Mourik seized this opportunity by taking energy-saving measures in the store as well. And that was not all. Jan adjusted his energy consumption and became smarter and more efficient. By matching the consumption with the energy costs in the dynamic energy contract. With effect: he reduced his energy consumption by a third.

Jan's tips:
- The simplest measure is to use Led lighting everywhere. Do hire a lighting expert; it pays for itself quickly.
- If parting with your expensive oven is not an option, put a small one next to it.
- Work with larger farces: with full boilers and fume hoods, you produce more efficiently.
- Don't slack off now that energy rates are dropping and keep your finger on the pulse.

You can read the entire article, including Jan Mourik's tips here.