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Privacy Statement


Van der Vorm Vastgoed Groep (Van der Vorm) and all subsidiaries / business relations are active in the real estate sector.

In the case of an audit carried out by Van der Vorm, personal details regarding subsidiaries / business relations willl be altered if necessary. Any alterations will be carried out carefully and in accordance with the law. In this privacy statement we will inform you of the details modified, the way in which the modifications are carried out and your legal rights.

The current privacy statement can be found on our website In the case of an alteration, the privacy statement on the website will be updated.

Van der Vorm takes your privacy seriously and follows a strict privacy policy. We follow the following principles:

1.We review your personal details as and when we have a legal reason to do so. The reasons are: permission, mutual agreement or legitimate interest.

2. We treat your personal details with care and have taken as many possible measures to protect them.

3. We comply with the general regulation data protection and other laws regarding the process of personal information.

Why we process your personal details?

We process your personal details in order to carry out our tasks as best we can, in accordance with the law. We're processing your personal details so that the following tasks can be performed:

• Maintain contact and communication between affiliates / business relations of Van der Vorm.

• Implementation of rent / purchase contracts.

• Calculation and recording of revenue and expenses.

• Ensure bills are paid.

• Collection of debts (including those in the hands of third parties)

• Maintenance, renovation and repair of property available for lease or leased whether movable or fixed.

• Customer service.

• Processing of complaints.

• Processing of cases involving a legal dispute.

• Carry out audits.

• Activities of internal management;

• Maintain contact and communication between affiliates / business relations of Van der Vorm;

• Dispatch of digital mail and newsletters;

• Dispatch via post of magazines, reports or gifts;

• Dispatch of invitations to events;

• Use (customer satisfaction) surveys and research in order to improve our services.

Should Van der Vorm see reason to process personal details for a purpose not listed previously, we will inform you; for example by an amendment to our privacy policy, a statement on our website or a personal message to you.

Personal details that we process

According to our ethos we process no more than the personal details needed to carry out the actions listed previously. We can process the following personal details:

• Full name and sex;

• Address, postcode and town/city;

• Date and place of birth;

• Telephone number and email address (both work and private);

• Details of your partner and/or children and/or co-inhabitants/fellow tenant

• Your financial in and outgoings;

• Minutes of meetings;

• Your preference and interest in our marketing activities;

• Your opinion and complaints with respect to our services.

You have provided the majority of your details with the exception of the following:

• Publicly available details ; Online, social media etc.

In addition, Van der Vorm reserve the right to process details if when legal, necessary and in the interests of our organization and / or the security of our employees, inhabitants and / or third parties. The processing of these details will be performed according to strict legal guidelines and no more information than is necessary will be processed.

The website and cookies

Van der Vorm collects and uses your personal details on the website primarily to provide a higher standard of service and communication with the customer. Additionally, your personal details can be used for research; the aim of which is to improve the quality of our services and websites.

Van der Vorm process the following personal details on the websites:

• Login and identity details for the benefit of the customer portals;

• A facility to answer questions / solve problems using a chat window and / or web form.

Visitor data is recorded on our websites. We reserve the right to register visitors' IP addresses and make use of them for statistical analyisis such as frequency of visit and website facilities used.

The goal of which is to improve the performance of the website where possible.

Cookies are small pieces of information that your browser stores on your hard drive of your computer. In this way Van der Vorm can offer you functions like remembering your adress, so you don't need to fill it in for every reservation. Van der Vorm websites employ cookies but the service is optional.

If you wish, cookies can be removed from your hard disk. The majority of web browsers accept cookies by default but this function can be disabled in the browser settings. Most features on our websites are available with cookies disabled. Cookies from our websites contain no personal data.

Who can have access to your personal details?

Only employees of Van der Vorm have access to your personal details and only those who need access to perform their function.

At times it's necessary to employee third parties such as shipping companies, administration staff, realtors and maintenance companies. These third parties will only be allowed access to your personal details if we are positive that your details will only be used for the purpose in question and only in accordance with the following privacy policy.

Furthermore, legally required confidentiality obligations and security measures are applied to ensure that your personal details are kept from other parties.

In some cases we are legally obliged to provide third parties with information, Police, Inland Revenue for example. In such cases we ensure that your privacy rights are respected as much as possible. This also applies to cases such as National Security, prevention / investigation of criminal offences or the interests of others are involved in legal proceedings.

In order to administer and maintain our computer systems it could be necessary for the supplier to have access to all data and thus access to personal data. This only occurs when absolutely necessary under strict control including a privacy agreement.

Data storage period

Van der Vorm retains your personal data no longer than permitted by law and / or necessary. The retention period is dependent upon the nature of the details and the goal of the processing. The retention period can therefore vary.

When agreed terms come to an end, personal data will be deleted by Van der Vorm or by a specialised third party. We take the storage and removal of your personal data very seriously.

How do we safeguard your details?

We take all reasonable, suitable security measures to protect personal details of Van der Vorm, tenants, clients, business relations and employees against unlawful access, alteration, publication and destruction. By doing so we comply to applicable security standards.

If, despite security meausres, there is the possibility of a compromise with regard to your personal security with potentially damaging consequences we will inform you as quickly as possible. We will also provide you with details of measures we have taken to limit damage and prevent future occurrence.

You can also help us by rendering superfluos information on copies of documents needed for the application process illegible. Ensure that your Citizen Service / Social Security Number is illegible in order to reduce the risk of identity theft.

Your right to object

If you have any questions, comments or complaints regarding the processing of your personal details, please contact us. You also have the right to:

• View a copy of your personal file;

• Have corrections, alterations and deletions made to your personal details.

It is important that you provide identification in order to prove that the details you wish to check or modify are actually your's. Your request will be handled within four weeks.

You can make an objection by sending a letter containing your name, address, telephone number and a copy of a valid identification document.

Van der Vorm Vastgoed B.V.

PO Box 23313

3001 KH Rotterdam

Please ensure to render your Citizen Service / Social Security Number illegible on the copy .

Please be specific in terms of the reason/s for your objection.

What other rights do you have in connection with the processing of your personal details?

• You have the right to view your personal details. This means that you can inquire as to which detials have been registered and for what purpose.

• If you believe that any of your personal details are incorrect we will glady make appropriate alterations. You can also ask that we limit the processing of your personal details. This condition is also applicable for the period needed to assess your requests and / or objections.

• You can also request that your personal details be deleted from our systems. We will carry this out unless we have a compelling and lawful reason not to do so and that reason is more important than your right to privacy. When the details have been deleted,

• we cannot, for technical reasons erase stored copies immediately from our live system and back-ups.

Amendments to the Privacy Statement

We reserve the right to make amendments to this Privacy Statement when obliged do to so in order to conform to rules and regulations for example. Amendments will be made public only on the website and we advise you to check the Privacy Statement on a regular basis. You can find the current version of the Privacy Statement on our website


Should you have questions or comments regarding the Privacy Statement, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following email address

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