Marsmanplein shopping centre

Haarlem, Netherlands
Modern and spacious shopping
Free parking in garage
Easily accessible


Shopping mall Marsmanplein in Haarlem is a modern shopping centre with a mix of national chains, local retailers and restaurants. The shopping centre is divided into three units: the Saturn building (new construction), the existing shopping centre Marsmanplein and the Van Delftwijk building (new construction).


The mall has everything for both the fun shopper and the run shopper, who visits for everyday groceries. The entrepreneurs of the Marsmanplein work closely together to make the mall as attractive as possible for visitors. Ongoing promotions and events are organized on and around the architectural plaza, attracting shoppers and increasing time spent at Marsmanplein. The shopping centre has also received a 4 star rating from the Quality Mark for Safe Shopping. A nice place to be!


Good shopping means easy parking. Underneath the mall is the textbook example of parking garages: free, large, spacious, well-lit and without pillars that can make parking difficult. The shopping centre Marsmanplein is located on the main road Rijkstraatweg in Haarlem North, near the N208 and can be reached by several, frequent bus connections.

Marsmanplein, 2025 DT, Oud Schoten and Spaarndam, Haarlem, Netherlands

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