Apartments Saint Germain

Paris, France
Within walking distance of public transportation
Restaurants and stores in the immediate vicinity
Located in the 6th arrondissement


In the bustling heart of Saint Germain in the5th arrondissement is our fourth building in Paris. The building houses 12 apartments and 2 stores. The first floor of the complex houses two stores, an upscale optician and a luxury grocery store. On the1st to 6th floors are the luxury apartments, which are generously sized by Parisian standards - especially with this location.

There are 6 three-bedroom apartments with two bedrooms and one bathroom, with sizes ranging from 78 - 95 sq. m. The four-bedroom apartments (5 of them) have two bathrooms are between 130 and 136 sq. m. Finally, in the building there is a five-room apartment of 138 m². This property has no less than three bathrooms!


The complex is located in the5th district of Paris on the left bank of the Seine, 300 meters from the famous Notre Dame. The district owes its name, Quartier Latin, to its schools and universities, which taught in Latin in the Middle Ages. The area is the oldest district in Paris, and its historical influences can still be seen in its Roman ruins and religious buildings. One of the most important monuments in the area is the Pantheon, built in the 18th century (at about 650 meters). The area is still known for its intellectual character, housing several schools including France's most prestigious public university, the Sorbonne. The area's numerous specialized bookstores sell literature, science, history and philosophy books, among others. Its history, monuments and cultural institutions make the5th District one of the richest districts in Paris.

Located next to the 5th district is the 6th district, Luxembourg. Boulevard Saint-Germain, on which the complex is located, runs through this district and ends in a busy boulevard with numerous atmospheric eating, drinking and entertainment venues. Consequently, this area has been the hotspot for local Parisians for years. In addition, this area on Boulevard Saint-Germain has traditionally been home to several world-famous fashion leaders such as Louis Vuitton and Armani. The complex is located approximately 950 meters from the busy entertainment area, but in quieter atmospheres. All daily amenities and public transport options are within easy reach.


Several metro stations are within walking distance.

32 Boulevard Saint Germain, 6th arrondissement, Paris, France

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