Our portfolio

Van der Vorm Vastgoed Groep is a Rotterdam-based investor with a real estate portfolio in the Netherlands and in several European capitals. We rent homes, offices, stores and hotels.

Make way for stones

Our portfolio is both diverse and balanced. Developed and purchased with care. With care in property management. With conviction we are expanding to the most beautiful places in Europe. With homes, stores and workplaces. With one central goal: satisfied tenants in the right place. That's what we stand for.

Operating in 5 countries

125,000 m2 of retail space

17,000 m2 of office space

1,800 homes

(inter)national orientation

Approximately 70% of our portfolio consists of Dutch real estate. The Dutch portfolio consists of residential, A1 retail, neighborhood shopping centers, hotels, offices and development sites. Our Dutch development team has 1,000 homes in the pipeline. Depending on the market, these homes can be realized within seven years. We are also active internationally in top European cities such as Paris, London, Antwerp, Warsaw and Krakow.

We see many opportunities in the market. We see where improvements need to be made to make our real estate and associated living environments future-proof. Where there is space, we add housing and thus value.

New markets

Five years ago we started pioneering in Poland because we see great opportunities in this country. Poland has a young, highly educated population that is internationally oriented. The economy has been growing at an average of 4 percent for 20 years and receives just under 20 billion euros of European money annually. Demand for rental housing is rising. With this knowledge, we entered this growth market.

Our retail as a quality of the neighborhood

Our retail portfolio focuses on neighborhood shopping centers. In which Van der Vorm Vastgoed is always full owner. Only then can we really act to realize our vision of shopping, space and quality: our shopping centers as the social heart of the neighborhood. In which all functions can be found that are important for the neighborhood. A focus on daily groceries and fresh produce, complemented by appropriate catering, hairdressers, convenience and repair stores.

We are always working on improvements, such as sustainability and appearance. But also the sharpening of branching or expansion of additional functions, to stimulate longer and more enjoyable stays. An optimal mix of atmospheric meeting, staying, convenience, services and shopping. With special attention to the presence of green, music, play and meeting places.

Van der Vorm is an active owner. Our contact with retailers is not limited to the moments of rental and renewal.

We want to know what is going on and what we can do to add additional qualities. After all, an environment is never finished; there is always room for even more quality.