January 2018

Neighborhood message shopping center 'De Nieuwe Gaard' Utrecht December 2017

As previously announced and visible, the bus will run through the new bus lock. Currently, the infra contractor is almost finished with the construction of the temporary parking spaces in Troosterlaan on the side of the church. Trooster Avenue will be opened as one-way for car traffic from Kapteyn Avenue to Obbink Avenue after this work. Work north of Eykmanlaan has now been completed. The culvert and main sewer have been installed and the water feature has been enlarged. The work of art Genesis has been moved in the direction of Jordanlaan.Below is an update on the work beginning 2018:Week 2: start by the company Van de Heuvel (utility contractor) in Obbinklaan/Troosterlaan near Photo Romp on the side of the shopping center with opening up the pavement to remove the cables and pipes. From week 2, the new detour will also be deployed (see figure 1). From then on, traffic will be driven over the northern half of the lane on Eykman Avenue. Cyclists will be diverted to the northern side. Kapteynlaan will be closed from week 2 until approximately week 18, because here the sewer system will be replaced and Kapteynlaan will be redesigned. During this period, a clear detour will be displayed for traffic from Eykmanlaan towards the shopping center. figure 1