October 2018

Entrepreneur Newsletter Marsmanplein

Dear entrepreneurs of the Marsmanplein

In February you received the last newsletter from us to inform you about important matters concerning the parking garage. Although there is still no concrete news to report, we still want to let you hear from us and let you know that a lot of work is still being done in the background by the experts.

Over the past period, several solution approaches have been reviewed.

Due to various reasons, not all solution directions are applicable. Consider feasibility, inconvenience and unusability of the parking garage. Two of the solutions do seem suitable and will be worked out in more detail.

Approval will then be sought from the City of Haarlem to proceed with implementation and the tendering process can be started. We expect that no sooner than early 2019 the repair work can be started. Of course, there will still be consultations with your board about the execution and planning.

We too would have liked to bring you other news already, but it is too early for that at this time.

As soon as there is more concrete news, we will report back to you as soon as possible.