November 2020

Kick-Off Copper Mill Leiden

Shopping center De Kopermolen is the heart of Leiden's Merenwijk . Completed in the 1970s, the shopping center and surrounding public areas have become somewhat dated over the years. Together with the municipality and other cooperation partners, we will make a sustainable investment in a future-proof shopping center as well as the surrounding public area. Also, approximately 100 homes will be added. The redevelopment task is a dynamic collaboration between real estate owner and investor, municipality, entrepreneurs and local residents. Van der Vorm vastgoed is fulfilling its strategy with this redevelopment by making our retail property sustainable and future proof and by adding affordable rental housing.

Plans to redevelop De Kopermolen have existed for some time. In 2018 and 2019, some 1,700 Lakeside residents participated in the (re)development of the area. From this input, the City Council drafted the area passport 'Hart van de Merenwijk' in 2019, which led to a cooperation agreement between Van der Vorm Vastgoed and the City of Leiden. We are working with our partners on ideas for a (sustainable) renewal of the shopping center and adding housing. The municipality, in turn, is working on plans for a transformation of the surrounding public area. Of course in close consultation with each other, the shopkeepers and the neighborhood.


Last Monday, November 16, 2020, the next step in the redevelopment was taken. Fleur Spijker (Alderman for Sustainable Urbanization, Space & Housing) and Sico van Ammers (General Manager of Van der Vorm Vastgoed) and, keeping an appropriate distance and observing the current Covid measures, met at the shopping center. Together they opened and viewed the pop-up plaza here.

Pop-up plaza

At the pop-up plaza, visitors can temporarily take a look into the future, so to speak. Various paving materials, seating elements and new plantings are on display and give an idea of the current ideas for transforming the area.

Think and participate in the future of De Kopermolen

We create added value together. Via, people can participate in various ways in the coming months in the public space around De Kopermolen. Here people can respond to ideas from the municipality as well as contribute their own ideas. In 2021 the platform can also be used to participate in sketch sessions and there is a timeline that announces the moments of participation. Together we are working on a bright future for De Kopermolen!