January 2023

Enjoying hot chocolate, the singing of a choir, the smell of pine branches

As owner of the De Kopermolen shopping center, we are developing a new heart for the Merenwijk with the shopkeepers, the municipality and the neighborhood. For example, we brainstormed together with residents about nice meeting places. And the petrified little square next to the entrance to the center was transformed into a Christmas garden this month. With Christmas trees from the shelter, which in this way get a second chance. The garden decorated in Christmas spheres, was complemented by a Christmas shack with a cozy Christmas market by residents, for residents.

And when the winter months are over, we will transform the square into a vegetable and picking garden. And the shack will get a second life again for the benefit of the vegetable garden. This, too, was conceived together with the residents. This is how the heart of the Merenwijk starts beating faster.

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