January 2023

ESG goals deserve all the attention in our profession and ownership

The universal Environmental, Social and corporate Governance Goals (ESG) is an increasingly important factor for real estate investors in choosing investment properties. ESG is a logical extension of the focus on physical sustainability.

In addition to a vision of energy consumption, climate and resource availability, health, safety and good corporate governance are also considered. Especially within private equity, in addition to profit, it is essential to make a positive social contribution. Contributing to a more beautiful world, a better world.

As an investor, we see that ESG goals really add value for our entire portfolio. Technically through risk mitigation but also precisely through value creation.

We seek a good balance between financial economic results, transparency, social interests and the environment, without losing the balance between them.
That balance ultimately leads to the best achievable results for our properties, the company and society.

We make every effort to make our property energy efficient. Our Dutch housing portfolio is on average eight years old. Where possible, we continue to increase sustainability.

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