May 10, 2023

There is always room for more than just living

A nice place to live is more than just a nice house. The quality of the living environment also plays an important role. Safety is important, but let us not forget the importance of a social environment.

So we are increasingly creating places where tenants can meet in an approachable way. For example, in Delft we are working on a communal workspace with good coffee and wifi. And in our Amsterdam complexes, residents can already enjoy a beautiful garden or a communal living room in which to work or socialize with neighbors.

In Poland, we go one step further: there, we recently introduced a community manager. She ensures that our apartments are more than just a place to live: a real home. She also organizes all kinds of activities for our residents. Bring on those neighborhood get-togethers, city walks, running groups and language courses!

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