May 2, 2023

Delft developments around De Hoven

We are developing new residential environments in various promising locations in European cities. We are transforming locations into new, modern and livable places where it is pleasant to live and stay. We make space for flex-work spaces and sports activities or communal living rooms and gardens where residents can meet each other more often. So we actually build communities.

As also in Delft. Here we have owned the important shopping location "De Hoven" for many years. Of course, here we actively work to improve the shopping experience, optimal store volumes and increase footfall.

In recent years, we have already added 480 apartments here through new construction and transformation. And we are far from finished. This dynamic place has a development vision with several more smaller and larger building volumes for new housing opportunities. By making smart use of existing space, by redistributing space and, of course, by seeking height. Through the additional housing capacity and quality and opportunities we increase the vibrancy, livability and quality of the area.

We would also like to work with partners on the further development of a new residential concept with apartments, sports facilities and meeting places on Martinus Nijhofflaan and on a new housing block on Troelstralaan. In all these developments, our ESG goals are central, real sustainability is certainly also a high priority. So we work in our plans with great attention to climate adaptation, nature inclusiveness and as many green connections as possible. This is how we make and keep the city livable!