March 2018

Experience makes real estate, part 1: Residential experience

n Part 1 of "Experience Makes Real Estate" discusses how Van der Vorm Vastgoed Groep creates experience in housing, namely in a way that adds value for our tenants and visitors and to our real estate.

Society is increasingly focused on satisfying psychological needs. Part of this is perception. This development is reflected in consumer behavior and therefore also in the wishes and needs in the area of housing. Whereas houses once primarily had the function of providing safety and security, today the house is an extension of a person's identity.

Experience thus creates distinctiveness in real estate as well. Various studies of experience on residential and retail real estate show that adding experience creates value for both tenants and visitors, as well as the real estate object and its surroundings. In order to continue to develop real estate that meets the various wants and needs of the moment, it is therefore important to anticipate the growth toward satisfying psychological needs and the forms in which these are consumed by different target groups.

The growth of satisfaction of psychological needs is reflected, among other things, in an ever-increasing desire for aesthetically pleasing living spaces in terms of construction and finish. The housing layout, the quality of the interior, the appearance of common areas and the exterior and the design of the immediate surroundings: all are part of tenants' living experience. And all will have to meet the expectations, wishes and requirements of the tenant to achieve a quality living experience. A living experience that leads to the feeling of "being at home."

Creating places where people feel at home

The feeling of being somewhere at home arises from numerous factors. A sense of security, control, comfort, identity and belonging makes a house become a home. The factors underlying this feeling change with the spirit of the times. To create living spaces where tenants feel at home, it is paramount to understand what this "feeling at home" means to the tenant. This feeling is part of the tenant's experience and is created based on a physical, social and personal context.

In the development and realization of our homes, we work with various parties to create an experience that enables tenants to feel at home. We do this together with tenants, based on insight into the social and personal context and with parties such as architects and specialists in the field of interiors and furnishings. Together, this results in homes that meet the contemporary (and future) housing needs of tenants, as well as real estate that is of lasting value to all other stakeholders. Below are three examples of housing development where, through an interplay of interior and exterior materials and amenities, we create places that make different groups feel at home:

Harvest, The Hague

Harvest, The Hague

In Loosduinen in The Hague, within cycling distance of both the center of The Hague and the beach at Kijkduin, the realization of 'Harvest' is underway. 177 high-quality newly built apartments and studios with a vegetable garden to put green fingers to work and bring (neighborhood) residents together. Aimed at different target groups, from young professionals to seniors, 'Harvest' brings modern living comfort with a sense of community to this originally traditional working-class neighborhood. The spatial layout, urban finishes and modern kitchen, bathroom and toilet in the homes fit seamlessly with the contemporary living requirements of the various target groups. Just like the interplay of materials on the inside and outside of the complex, the present barn and vegetable garden. 'Harvest' is expected to be completed in the fall of 2018.

PV Hooft 17, Amsterdam

PC Hooft 17, Amsterdam

Imagine doing business or living on one of Amsterdam's most famous and luxurious shopping streets, the P.C. Hooftstraat. 'P.C. Hooft 17' is located in a building with characteristic Amsterdam facade and is being transformed to provide space for three spacious apartments and a luxury retail unit. Both the interior and exterior of 'P.C. Hooft 17' have been carefully architecturally designed and composed to create the most comfortable living environment possible. Top notch amenities and the very highest level of finishes combine to create an unprecedented luxurious and carefree living experience. The exterior facade of the building will retain its characteristic Amsterdam look and feel after transformation, while the interplay of elegant and robust materials embraces and carries through the luxurious experience of the shopping street. The apartments and retail unit are expected to be completed in the summer of this year.

Veense Poort, Veenendaal

De Veense Poort, Veenendaal

On the western side of Veenendaal, work is underway on the realization of 'De Veense Poort': 250 homes where the living experience revolves around 'rural and quiet living in proximity to several cities'. A feeling of spaciousness, plenty of natural light and space for greenery create a sense of tranquility and create the rural character that is at the heart of the development of this project. The location and connection to cities such as Utrecht and Arnhem mean that residents can seek out the dynamics and hustle and bustle of the city as they wish. Varied housing types, from apartments to ground-level homes in both the owner-occupied and rental sectors, make 'De Veense Poort' a future home for various tenant target groups. This has been taken into account, among other things, with the housing layout and design of interior and exterior spaces. Consistent design and use of materials create an individual identity for the various housing types, without losing sight of the unity of the whole. The first phases of 'De Veense Poort' have already been completed and occupied.

Value creation for all stakeholders remains central to our mission.

In the coming years, Van der Vorm Vastgoed Groep will continue to create value for all parties involved in our real estate. The share of experience in the consumption behavior of consumers will increase again and partly based on this development, we are optimizing our properties. In addition to value creation through the addition of experience, we are actively engaged in sustainability and renewal within our portfolio, about which more later. Follow our developments via the website and on social media.

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