Recently, Van der Vorm Vastgoed acquired 8 apartments and 1 office apartment in Krakow. The apartments are situated on the 1st, 5th and 6th storeys of a to be renovated building complex on the ul. Rakowicka 6 in Krakow. The building is situated in a residential neighbourhood at 500 meter's walk from the historic center of Krakow, and lies within reach of various international companies, organisations and universities. Four apartments possess an outdoor space and all tenants can make use of a rooftop terrace above the 6th floor. The office apartment is situated in the main building. Construction of the apartments will be completed mid-July 2018. After possible constructional revisions, the homes will be put into operation as hotel rooms. Colorfly will handle the operation of the hotel rooms.

This acquisition fits Van der Vorm's strategy of strengthening its portfolio through rotation (re)development, internationalisation and diversification.