The Vincent Van Gogh Passage in the center of Etten-Leur was festively opened on November 19, 2016. The Van Gogh Passage is a development of MaasJacobs and Rialto Development and purchased by Van der Vorm Vastgoed Group.

Etten-Leur has a catchment area of around 42,000 consumers. The passage is located on the Bisschopsmolenstraat, the former main shopping street of Etten-Leur, which partly regains its old function due to this development. The municipality has completely redesigned the Bisschopsmolenstraat.

The shopping complex of more than 3,200 m² consists of seven stores and underlying parking garage with approximately 100 parking spaces, which can be reached with a tapis roulant. The Dirk supermarket (approx. 2,000 m²), Kruidvat and the Beekers vegetable shop have already opened their doors on November 8, Disseldorp Bakery and Van Boxtel Hoorwinkels opened on November 19, 2016. Two more units are available for rent