We are thrilled to announce that we, together with our project partners, the municipality of Leiden, E.CP, EUP Design, Klunder Architecten and BGSV have started the redevelopment of our shopping centre De Kopermolen situated in Leiden.

With the use of a balanced area passport, that has been developed by the municipality of Leiden in conjunction with the neighborhood, the functionality of the shopping centre as the heart of Merenwijk shall be amplified. With this, the public area around the shopping centre will be tackled and the green Wijkpark shall be a more defined part of the shopping centre. We put the emphasis on sustainability, and we aim to receive the WELL label for the shopping centre.

While redeveloping the neighborhood will be kept involved on the process. Furthermore, the current Lidl supermarket will be relocated, the shopping centre’s passage will be a preeminent meeting place for the community, along with, the development of a series of tiny houses. The current residential program will be expanded with approximately 100 houses, partly within the social segment. After the redevelopment, the shopping centre will stay the heart of Merenwijk, with three strong supermarkets (AH, Lidl and Dirk van den Broek), as well as quite a few local as well as national retailers, and more residents in and around the shopping centre!

For additional information please contact info@vormvastgoed.nl, or contact our developer E-CP, 035-6422325, info@e-cp.nl