Frequently Asked Questions

Apply for homes

  • How do I sign up for a home?

    Van der Vorm Vastgoed owns many residential complex in the Netherlands and in Europe. These complexes can be found under 'portfolio', 'residential complexes'. For information about availability, we ask you to contact the broker. This is indicated at the bottom of the page for each residential complex. You can also find out here whether Van der Vorm Vastgoed manages the complex itself or whether it has been outsourced to partner companies.

Repair requests

  • Where to go for repairs to my house / commercial space?

    You can contact our servicedesk. The servicedesk can be reached by telephone on 010-436 92 18 or by e-mail:

  • Where do I report an emergency?

    In an emergency, you can contact our servicedesk by telephone (available 24 hours a day) on 010 -436 92 18.

    An emergency is a situation in which there is a direct risk of damage. This could include a major leak, window breakge, burglary, faulty heating during frost, short circuit with fire hazard etc.

    We would like to point out that if a complaint reported by you does not appear to be an emergency, we are unfortunately forced to charge you for the additional costs incurred.


  • Is it permitted to sublet my residence to someone else?

    No, this is not allowed. We try to take great care in our procedure to rent housing. Fair housing allocation is paramount in this regard. Therefore we do not condone subletting.

  • How do I terminate my rent?

    Termination of rent should be requested for in writing. The lease can only be terminated on the last day of a month. The notice period amounts to at least one calendar month. A termination of lease is final and irrevocable. Termination of lease subject to certain requirements is not possible. If two tenants signed the rental contract then both should sign the termination of lease.

    You can email the signed notice of termination to:

  • What will happen if the tenant of a property dies?

    If you’re the partner/spouse of the deceased tenant you can ask us to adjust the ascription on the lease. In doing so only your name will be featured on the lease. Is the deceased person the sole tenant? Then we handle the termination of the lease agreement in conjunction with the heirs. Upon termination of the lease, we’ll need a death certificate.

  • What happens during the preliminary inspection?

    The service manager/caretaker assesses what needs to be done before you deliver the house. This includes the cleanliness of the property, any belongings for acquisition and possible self-implemented changes to the property which may or may not stay. The service manager/caretaker writes all the necessary information down on the inspection form, which you will receive by email.

  • Is it possible to move the date of the preliminary inspection?

    You can authorize someone els to be present at the preliminary inspection by means of an authorization form. Always try this way first.

    If there is really no other option, please contact our servicedesk as soon as possible on 010-436 92 18 or send an email to

  • What happens during the final inspection?

    The service manager assesses whether the work, which was passed to you during the preliminary inspection, has been carried out. Furthermore the service managers notes the meter readings. Please keep in mind that you have to pass this on to the utility company yourself.


  • What to do when experiencing nuisance problems?

    Firstly we always advice to try and enter into contact with the neighbour in question. If this does not remedy the situation please let us know in writing. You can use the form on this page. Alternatively, contact Ms. D. van Nieuwenhuizen (telephone 010-436 9218, email Together with you, she will search for a suitable solution.

  • I want to cancel my garage/parking space, how does that work?

    You can contact our servicedesk for this via telephone number 010-436 92 18 or by email at

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