January 2023

Live life, love living

With Van der Vorm Vastgoed, we own a beautiful residential portfolio with 1,800 modern apartments. Our tenants live in qualitative, sustainable and comfortable rental properties in fine locations in the top Dutch cities. And our catalogue is growing, especially outside the Netherlands: in addition to properties in Paris, London and Antwerp, we have a prominent presence in Warsaw and Krakow.

We are always looking to create more quality. So our residents rent much more than just an apartment. We offer a nice palette of extras. Sometimes these are very convenient practical things, such as a laundry, lobby or a Bringme Box. But space can also be created for workstations so that working from home is more enjoyable. Or exercising together in the gym. In our Polish buildings we have a number of shared living rooms, where you share unexpected stories from and with neighbors. The community manager organizes events and activities for residents. And in a shared vegetable garden sustainable tomatoes are not the only things that grow, also fresh friendships ...

We are happy with our tenants and residents. We love to look for that extra quality!

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