January 2023

ESG goals in practice, going from big to small

We would like to make our contribution to improving our environment. Our ESG goals provide great starting points for this. And we also see real examples in our projects.

Replacing older solar panels with higher-efficiency panels is logical and necessary for some projects. But then again, we will move older panels to larger roofs where they can still perform just fine. That way we don't have waste, but rather more yield overall.

Nor do we ignore the current difficult times. We engage with tenants when rent and/or energy costs become an issue. We think along in sustainable solutions that go beyond one month's rent. For example, buying smart energy together or generating it together.

ESG also offers a different perspective for residential environments. As owners of residential environments, we can stimulate a social environment. By creating shared workplaces, sports areas or nursery gardens, residents come into contact with each other in a fun, low-threshold way. This makes life more fun, and because neighbors know and recognize each other better, it also makes it safer.

Safety, of course, is also an important issue within our property. Our shopping centers are regularly visited by a mystery visitor, paying particular attention to social safety in and around the stores.

Every day we see new leads to further implement our ESG goals. It's not for nothing that ESG is an important part of investing in and around real estate!