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About Us

We are a traditional family business from Rotterdam. We started building our business, quite literally, with our own hands 100 years ago and a century later we have developed into property owners with activitities throughout the Netherlands and abroad. We let residential, offices, hotels and retail, all with the main goal of making our tenants happy.

We are very proud of the fact that we have remained successful for 100 years. Our secret? We are decisive, proactive entrepreneurs who move with the changing times and make sustainable investments. Our way of working pushes boundaries – we have expanded our portfolio to include homes and retail spaces in Paris, London and Poland.

Our company is a big presence in Europe, but has remained small in spirit thanks to the personal service we continue to provide. From our receptionists and rental agents to our service managers on site: personal contact remains our driving force.

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Van der Vorm Vastgoed Group real estate supports various charities and social organizations. We consider it important to contribute to both domestic as well as international projects.


In 2017, the course of the Van der Vorm Real Estate Group shifted from renewing the portfolio to making it future-proof. By dealing responsibly with our real estate and our environment, we are building a sustainable future.

A major transition as sustainability calls for reflection on the effect of our actions and making lasting choices. It concerns the quality of our property, but also the footprint of the exploitation that goes with it: The impact on the environment.

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