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100 year

100 Years of Van der Vorm

100 year

2019 is a special year for Van der Vorm Real Estate. In 1919, a hundred years ago, the construction company Van der Vorm was founded, which, in addition to building, soon began investing in real estate. The small family business from that time has grown into two independent companies in a period of 100 years, run by each of the two Van der Vorm families: a reputable building company, active in the Netherlands, and an international operating investment company Van der Vorm Real Estate.

Van der Vorm Real Estate has built up a solid real estate portfolio over the years with homes, shops, hotels and offices both domestically and abroad.

This year we want to celebrate and remember this joyful fact together with our partner companies and there will be various activities around the 100-year anniversary.

Characteristic of the company is that we always look ahead. For more than a hundred years. We take initiative and seize opportunities when possible. The organization and the environment have changed over time, but the Rotterdam entrepreneurship has remained. Focusing on a satisfied tenant, we are confident about the future.

Margreet van der Vorm: "When our family took over my uncle's shares in 2003 and I became director, we shifted our focus from building to investing. The existing portfolio, almost entirely built by ourselves, was very outdated. In 2005 we made a first investment in Paris. In the years that followed we were able to expand this, which, of course, took some time. I am therefore proud of what we have built up with our team consisting of 32 real estate professionals. In recent years we have made several new investments in five countries, resulting in a nice growth of our portfolio. We are obviously happy with this growth, but it has never been our only goal. The quality of our real estate and the quality of our organization is our main goal in order to optimally serve our tenants."

"The 100-year anniversary means a lot to our family business. People within our organization and the partner companies make the difference: all the more reason to commemorate this unique moment the entire year. Various activities will be reviewed this year. We will certainly look back on the past 100 years, but we especially like to focus on the future."

Aanvang vastgoedbeleggingen

Al in 1934 werd aan de Boergoensevliet in Rotterdam de 1e investering in woningen gedaan. In Rotterdam staat dus onze “wieg” en is de basis gelegd als internationale vastgoedbelegger.

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Verzelfstandiging vastgoedbedrijf

Aankoop van panden in o.a. Parijs

Organisatie in beweging

Verjonging portefeuille met 1.000 woningen in eigen ontwikkeling

Eerste aankoop in Polen

VIVO! Winkelcentra in Polen.

100 jaar vastgoedbedrijf

100 jaar jonge vastgoedbedrijf: werkzaam in 5 landen en vernieuwde portefeuille.

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